• Planitwright have been successful with every planning application submitted on behalf of mine and my clients’ developments.

    The advice and industry knowledge we have sought through Linda and her team is testament to this, along with their understanding of local authorities’ requirements have reduced the time frames for successful approvals.

    In my opinion this is paramount for developers wanting to churn out multiple projects and from the outset we consult Planitwright when assessing potential client developments.

    Steven Latham MD Concentric Property
  • We recently worked with Linda on a planning application for an 8 bed HMO. Linda was very professional advising us the best strategy for getting planning permission and keeping us informed at all steps of the process.

    When an objection was raised I was very impressed with how Linda used her professional expertise to reply to the objections and kept on top of the whole situation. It turned out that the council contact was off sick and it was only due to Linda’s professional approach that the planning approval came in on time rather than being stuck in an in-tray.

    We would highly recommend working with Linda.

    Tushar Shah Centrum Group
  • Many thanks for your work on our planning application and appropriate recommendations. Not only did this result in an approval, but it was done a few weeks earlier than expected from the Council who previously proved to be averse to dealing directly with any enquiries. Good result.

    So, in short: good advice, good direction, quick service that put our project ahead of schedule and as I had so many other issues to handle on my projects you saved me a lot of time and administrative frustration!

    Ian Muir Prestige Homes Partnership Ltd
  • Linda was contacted by my wife and I after the local Council Planning Committee decided to defer our application and do a site visit. Although we knew that the application would be difficult to get approved because of green belt land issues, it was still a shock as the planning officer recommended it for approval.  

    A meeting was held with Linda who pulled no punches in advising how difficult it was to get this type of development approved, she told us that she could not guarantee success. Linda took control of the situation, because of her knowledge and experience of dealing with these types of application.

    Linda was quick to inform the planning officer that she was acting on our behalf. Linda used her skills to get an understanding from the officer what the actual issues were, she then quickly put her plan in action. 

    This included representing us at the site during the committee members’ visit where she presented the facts to the councilors. Linda then stood up at the council meeting and in her three-minute speech took away all the doubters’ concerns and objections by delivering a very positive factual statement using previous case applications and conveying a good understanding of policy issues.

    We are eternally grateful for what Linda achieved, it is worth pointing out that another planning consultant that we took advice from was adamant that this would not get approval in its current form! 

    Mr & Mrs Pope
  • I finally got the chance to hear Linda speak in my local area ...& I have to say that she is a breath of fresh air. How does she make planning sound interesting, engage her audience & still manage to inform? I don't know but she does! Go see her.

    Carmen Parkinson The Referral Institute
  • Linda worked on a very challenging project with clients with different specific needs but was able to steer them to a positive outcome with her clear thinking and logical thinking. She won over a dubious parish council at the same time with a very clear and focused presentation.

    Judith Bromley Solicitor Russell & Russell Solicitors
  • Linda worked for us on a recent project in Bury. I was impressed with her enthusiasm, professionalism, reliability and integrity. Her proactive approach meant we got planning permission in five weeks. Anyone engaging Linda will most certainly benefit, I would highly recommend the service she offers and I would have no hesitation in using PLANiTWRiGHT again.

    Nick Westwell GCHQ Nightclub